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Automated Vision Inspection for Defects and/or Gauging (application specific):  Automated vision inspection and gauging systems can help companies improve overall product quality while reducing manufacturing costs.  Whether producing automotive, medical, consumer, or virtually any other product, all companies have some type of quality inspection or gauging as part of their production process to verify critical dimensions, the presence of features, or to look for defects.  They virtually eliminate the human error of most gauge repeatability and reliability studies of manual inspection and gauging processes.  Machine vision cameras can be programmed to automatically verify dozens of features on 100% of the products or assemblies produced.  Precision laser sensors provide micron-level measurement accuracy without even contacting the part.  Manual inspection, on the other hand, is highly labor intensive and error prone. 

PASI has several automated Vision Systems for high volume inspection, detecting chips, stains, deformed and missing features.