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Video Borescope:  A video borescope is an optical device consisting of a 3.5m flexible tube, with a video screen on one end, an illuminated objective lens on the other, and linked together by an optical system in between.  An internal image of the illuminated object is formed by the objective lens and magnified by the eyepiece which presents it to the video screen.  Video Borescopes are used for visual inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means.  Borescopes are mostly used in nondestructive testing techniques for recognizing defects or imperfections.  

PASI’s video borescope needs an initial opening of 6.5mm or larger and can snake in 3.5m.  The objective lens, with a 4 – 190mm depth of field, can be positioned to inspect not only straight forward but also up-down and left-right with a 4-way motorized angulation.  A still or video image can be captured for later viewing.